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Sony DAV-F500

Sony DAV-F500

PhP 49,990.00  

Mall Price As of May 05, 2009
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The DAV-F500 has an audio power of 850W which delivers by the 32-bit S-Master digital amplification along with five slim line speakers and a subwoofer, creating amazing 5.1ch surround sound effects for the excitement of big movie soundtracks.It also features:

32-Bit Full Digital S-Master Amplifier
Working in tandem with the 32-bit DSP, Sony’s latest 32-bit Full Digital S-Master Amplifier features full digital processing from pick-up to amplification ? enabling it to deliver high-quality CD and DVD playback that’s truer to the source, with 512 times higher fidelity than its 24-bit predecessor.

S-AIR Digital Wireless
By relying on radio frequencies to transmit audio wirelessly from the main unit to rear speakers, you’ll enjoy Surround Sound that’s free of signal interruption from physical objects and greater flexibility in speaker layout.

Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (D.C.A.C)
Transforming any room into the ideal listening environment is now simpler than ever. With Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (D.C.A.C), audio performance is automatically calibrated according to the shape, size and construction of your room. Simply place the supplied calibration microphone at your usual listening spot, position the speakers and connect them to the receiver to activate D.C.A.C.

USB Connection
Rip CDs or playback Music and Photos via USB Direct Connection.

Digital Media Port
Sony’s Digital Media Port (DMPORT) allows you to connect with ease to portable music players, access and playback the tunes stored in those devices and enjoy them from powerful home theatre system speakers ? amplified and in higher quality!

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